Should the Government do more to support social enterprise access to finance? Before we try to answer that, let's have a look at what it's doing already.

The following public or quasi-public interventions to support access to finance have been in operation or announced since autumn 2008...

- Funding for Lending
- Big Society Capital
- Green Investment Bank
- Business Growth Fund
- Enterprise Finance Guarantee
- UK Export Finance
- Enterprise Capital Funds
- Business Angel Co-Investment Fund
- National Loan Guarantee Scheme
- Business Finance Partnership
- Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme
- Start Up Loans
- Community Investment Tax relief
- Regional Growth Fund
- Quantitative easing
- NESTA e.g. Social Venture Intermediary Fund and Impact Investments
- DH Social Enterprise Investment Fund
- Cabinet Office Risk Capital Investment Fund
- Adventure Capital Fund
- Investment and contract readiness fund
- British Investment Bank
- HMT asset protection scheme
- The Lending Code
- State ownership of Lloyds, RBS + HBOS
- Venture Capital Trust scheme
- Enterprise Investment Scheme

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